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First, the basic action 
1). Forward, backward 
2). Turn left, turn right 
3). Left and right hand on the move, down 
4). Left and right hand fingers outstretched, to recover (fingers outstretched, the lights will turn on) 
5). Body left and right tilt

Second, the simple action 
1). Thump 
2). Picking up, throwing things 
3). Stretched out, arms recovered 
4). Forward, backward, turn walking 
5). Wake

Third, the complexity of the action 
1). Reached out to sweep the whisk down 
2). Raise arms to five different height and said, "Aaay!" 
3). Hit and issued "Hi-yah, gurr!" 
4). Back to talk to you and issued a string of muttered sound 
5). Whistle 
6). Bulldozers action 
7). Extracts from the action 
8). Oh, and send back the body sideways sounds funny 
9). Sleep: Robben Ait will be two lights go out, and make the appropriate action, and then to sleep 
10). Each carrying its own pre-designed series of 45 seconds kinds of actions show program (three sets) 
11). Click Start switch, yawned and Robben Ait will issue a "call Kazakhstan" sound to wake up, then you can issue commands to it. 
12). Will automatically stop when touched down walls or obstacles. 
13). Just press the stop button at any time will be able to make Robben Ait stop action. 
14). After Robben Ait is started, if not received the instruction, it enters sleep mode after a few minutes, then the lights will go out of its eyes, and make the appropriate action, repeated three times, it completely into the sleep state.




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Created on:2018-10-30 19:14
Remote Rontrol Robot with 3 different for your choose
Intelligent Robot
Item No: 28091
Description: Robots toys
Packing : W/B
Products Size: 30*35*16 CM
Carton Size::70×43×46 CM
Q'ty/Ctn: 4 PCS
Ctn/Cbm: 0,138 M3
G.W.: 9 KGS
N.W.: 8 KGS